Asbestos Surveys in Rotherham

Are you looking for an Asbestos Survey in Rotherham? If you are looking for a professional asbestos surveying company to carry out your asbestos survey, HSG Asbestos Surveys can help.


You may require an asbestos management survey before buying or selling a property in Rotherham, or you may have a responsibility to manage a non-domestic property, where you must manage as set out in regulation 4 of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012. 


If you plan any refurbishment, demolition or maintenance and repair works in Rotherham. You may require an asbestos refurbishment demolition survey. It is a legal requirement to establish if any asbestos products are in your building before any refurbishment or demolition occurs. 


If you do not need a complete asbestos survey but need to know if a specific material contains asbestos, we carry out asbestos sampling in Rotherham. You may be unsure of a ceiling, wall, or garage roof. We can take a sample of the suspect material to determine if asbestos is present. The results from the sampling are generally available from the UKAS accredited laboratory in 24 to 48 hours


HSG Asbestos Surveys conduct Asbestos management surveys, Asbestos refurbishment demolition surveys and, Asbestos sampling in Rotherham and the surrounding areas.

Asbestos management and asbestos refurbishment demolition survey

Each asbestos survey report contains a summary of any asbestos found. A detailed risk assessment for each item of asbestos with photographs and recommendations and a detailed drawing of the building showing the sample and asbestos locations, if present. The asbestos survey reports are generally available within 5 working days of the survey; an enhanced service is available if required.

We have provided asbestos surveys for our clients in all types of properties in Rotherham and the surrounding areas for commercial and domestic clients.

We offer friendly and impartial advice.

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Some of the asbestos surveys our surveyors have carried out in Rotherham are shown below.

West Melton Lodge Care Home Rotherham Asbestos Management Survey

West Melton Lodge Care Home Rotherham

Thorpe Hesley Community Centre Rotherham Asbestos Demolition Survey

Thorpe Hesley Community Centre Rotherham

Woodlans Works Rotherham Asbestos Management Survey

Woodlans Works Rotherham

Asbestos Refurbishment Survey Brundish House Rotherham

Asbestos Refurbishment Survey Valetta House Rotherham

Asbestos Management Survey Wath Rubber & Plastics Ltd