What is Asbestos Cement?

Asbestos cement is a cement-based product with 10-15% of asbestos fibres which was added to reinforce the cement, chrysotile was the most common type of asbestos used in cement, although crocidolite was also used.

Asbestos cement was used for external cladding because it is weatherproof, it does absorb water but does not allow it to pass through.

What was Asbestos Cement used for?

Asbestos cement was used extensively on domestic properties and commercial buildings.
It is most commonly found as external wall and roof cladding, undercloaking below the roof tiles to close the cavity and rainwater products such as gutters and down pipes. Other products formed from asbestos cement include window sills, sewer pipes, facias and window panels.

Identifying Asbestos Cement

It can be difficult be difficult to differentiate between asbestos cement and some other products that look very similar, such as asbestos insulation board and modern fibre cement. If the product has been used externally it would normally be asbestos cement.