What is asbestos insulation board

Asbestos insulation boards typically contain 25%-40% asbestos with a mixture of chrysotile (white) and amosite (brown) asbestos, although crocidolite (blue) asbestos was also used, AIB was used because of its fire resistance and insulating properties.

Asbestos insulation board was used extensively in the construction industry from the 1930’s to 1980 when production ceased.

Where was asbestos insulation board used?

Asbestos Insulation Board was used in all types of properties including domestic, offices and schools and can be found in ceilings both as a flat board and ceiling tiles, wall linings and partitions, column and beam casings, fire breaks and fire doors and was also often used randomly as packers.

Is it safe?

Asbestos Insulation Board is less dense than asbestos cement, its far more friable, softer, easily releasing asbestos fibres when disturbed. Consequently, it falls under the asbestos licencing regime and can only be removed by a contractor licenced by the Health and Safety Executive to remove asbestos.