Experts In Removing Asbestos

At ACM Contracts we have extensive plant capabilities, including specialist equipment such as Brokks and Bronco floor lifting equipment. Our extensive plant includes all the necessary equipment required to carry out licensed asbestos removal works.

Our plant is fully maintained, and asbestos removal equipment is fully tested in accordance with current legislation. Our maintenance department ensure the plant is constantly performing at full potential and all machinery is to the latest specification available, specifically with regards to health and safety.

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At ACM Contracts we constantly invest in new plant equipment and innovation from international manufacturers, with new machinery selected with the advice and knowledge of ACM Contracts maintenance and operational teams. Our teams experience ensures that we select elite plant machinery for efficient completion of our contracts. The increasing need for more effective utilisation of mechanised plant is an essential factor in both complying with health and safety requirements and in efficient contract delivery.

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Having our own plant and equipment ensures that we have complete knowledge about our machinery and capabilities when completing any project.

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